Where do you play?

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Locksley School, Locksley Rd, Norwich NR4 6LG

Latitude:52.605401 | Longitude:1.282499

Who can play?

We accept male and female players of all abilities age 16 and over*.

CLICK HERE for information about our child safeguarding policy.

Fitness level?

Baseball is a great sport for any fitness level due to it’s lack of sustained aerobic exercise. Because of this, most body types can play without any problem. The short energetic bursts common in baseball are fantastic for people looking to get fit over time while still having lots of fun.

Can I find you on facebook?

Yes. In fact, most of our team organisation is carried out on facebook. Information and events are constantly broadcasted to our followers, so do make sure you sign up to the page below.

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*We are planning on introducing under 16 youth teams as well as Softball teams in the future.